Temp-Taker Support

Temp-Taker® Release Notes

Contains a detailed history of software release notes for the Temp-Taker® product

Temp-Taker® 4 Basic Setup

Provides step-by-step instructions on creating and using a basic setup customized for your organization

Temp-Taker® 4 Advanced Setup

Covers advanced topics that enable you to take full advantage of all the capability Temp-Taker® has to offer

Temp-Taker® 4 FAQs

Provides answers to frequently asked questions about Temp-Taker®

Temp-Taker 5 Videos

Old Checklist

Old Temp Logs

Temp-Taker Checklist

Temp-Taker 5 Reporting

Temp-Taker 5 Temp Reporting

Getting Started

Adding Users

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